New Interactive Story Book Promoting International Mindedness in Young Learners


Toby & Falcon

What is "Toby and The Falcon"?

"Toby and The Falcon" is an educational children's book addressing the fears and worries most families face when relocating to a new country. Children relocating struggle with making new friends, language barriers, and missing loved ones. The story follows Toby the Traveling Toy Poodle's first international move from the USA to the UAE. Toby overcomes these hurdles through guidance from an unlikely companion: Freddy the Frequent Flyer Falcon.

The series follows Toby the Traveling Toy Poodle's journey in becoming an internationally-minded global pup. There are ten more books to follow in which Toby travels to ten different countries around the world where he learns to become balanced, caring, a communicator, an inquirer, knowledgeable, open-minded, principled, reflective, a risk-taker, and a thinker.



Our mission is to help learners develop a strong sense of international mindedness at the outset of their educational experience. We live in a world where global citizenship gives our students the best possible chance for success and international-mindedness is a key, but underdeveloped skill. Through Toby's worldly adventures, learners will become internationally minded global citizens.

200 + Nationalities

represented alone in UAE

9 out of 10

people in the UAE are expatriates.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Who is Miss Christiana and Toby?

Miss Christiana has held many roles in prestigious International Baccalaureate schools: IB Educator, Early Years PYP Coordinator, Teacher Trainer, and Early Years Curriculum Leader. In 2016, Miss Christiana and Toby em"barked" on their first international move from New York to the UAE. As an IB Educator, Miss Christiana saw a need in the education market for a children's book series promoting international mindedness in young learners, and created “Toby and The Falcon”, published April 2019. This educational children’s book series is the first of its kind, focusing on essential elements found in the International Baccalaureate: concepts, approaches to learning, attributes of the learner profile, attitudes, action.

Who is Patrizia Donaera?

Patrizia Donaera is our wonderfully-awesome illustrator! She specializes in children's publishing and natural history illustration. She has illustrated more than 40 books and her experience is over 30 years. She is also the proud owner of a toy poodle named Joe.




What Are People Saying About The Book

There's a growing demand from international schools for texts that connect to the IB and are made with expatriate students in mind.

Erin Kent

Reading and Writing Workshop Consultant for International Schools

I really enjoyed the colorful illustrations and I loved that this book uses a very calm color palette of light blues and such. Another great thing that I noticed, as I read the book to my child, is that the book opens from top to bottom, rather than the traditional left to right, making it really easy to read in your lap at ned time.

Tani De Gregorio

Founder/Blogger of Our Big Dubai Adventure

I loved how interactive it is--especially the little map game at the end of the story. It also makes a great gift for friends that are leaving Dhabi - and new ones that arrive in the city - and our hearts

Zeyna Sanj.

Founder of Mummy on My Mind: Family & Lifestyle Blog



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Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

Through author visits, the Toby and The Falcon experience truly comes to life. Miss Christiana offers memorable educational moments through customized engagements for learners of all levels and ages. Author visits can even include a meet and greet with the real-life Toby.